Frequently Asked Questions

General Topics

What is EveryPost?

EveryPost is a discovery engine to find stories and events talked about on the web, and a way to save articles you want to remember later.

EveryPost uses your links to show you other articles mentioning your links. It's a great way to follow up on the news, track a discussion in the wider online community or discover new perspectives.

How does it work?

EveryPost manages a curated set of sites to find links appearing in the index that you've bookmarked.

It connects links to your bookmarks, and shows you a history of those links.

What sites do you index?

The list changes over time but the focus is always a mix of opinion, tech, news and culture.

As of April 2022, the index tracks over 1,130 sites including Hacker News, MIT Technology Review, national/regional news sites, personal blogs, and certain Reddit forums.

What sites don't you index?

You can bookmark any site you want, but the sites we check for matching links excludes certain categories, including:

  • SEO-heavy content (eg. "7 ways to spruce up your life")
  • Review sites (exception for sites with long-form content)
  • Disinformation or hate-filled speech
  • Sites lacking a publicly accessible feed or API
  • Facebook, Instagram & other closed platforms

We only index sites we feel add value to the community, and will remove content from sites that substantially diverge from their original format.

What is the 'For You' feed?

When you are logged in, the feed tab includes articles that link to your bookmarks. This shows top entries from the past few days.

If multiple articles link to one of your bookmarks, they will be grouped together under "Details".

What is the 'Trending' feed?

The feed shows a list of trending sources. This is not a news feed as much as it's source content linking to articles EveryPost is tracking. It is updated throughout the day.

The feed only displays top (i.e. "popular") items. Click "Details" to see articles that pushed this source up in the ranking.

If a source can't be parsed (PDFs for example). The feed will show what it sees as the most relevant article contributing to this source's ranking.

Is it a news feed?

Not always.

Source articles can be published earlier than they are mentioned. EveryPost needs to detect the same source in several places to register as trending. You may see items in the feed that are old, but recently gained signal (finding out why is half the fun).

The best way to think of the feed it is as a bibliography of the news, but it also works as a slow-web approach to the news when you don't want to tap into the firehose.

Can I save pages for offline reading?

No, and not for technical reasons as much as a belief that caching the web is a complex, nuanced, philosophical question beyond the scope of what EveryPost sets out to do.

The web can be messy, and websites can sometimes disappear if their creators intend them to, but the web is something to experience, not to bottle up.

EveryPost doesn't aim to be another walled garden as much as a springboard for experiencing some of the best parts of the web.


What data do you track?

As little as possible.

Behind the scenes, EveryPost tracks websites that are trending or popular as a whole, and not at the individual level.

Outbound clicks to sites you bookmark are not tracked, and will only be used for diagnostic purposes (i.e. a bug on EveryPost preventing you from viewing a bookmark, for example).

What & how you read is your business, not ours.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more exhaustive details.

How long do you keep logs?

Server logs have a 30 day retention period.

This means if you create a bookmark and then delete it, the longest it might exist in our systems is 30 days (unless we are required to retain for legitimate legal reasons).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are enabled within settings.

Key(s) Description
/ Jump to search box
c Create a new bookmark
g+i Resets any search filters and returns to the list
j,k In list view, navigates up/down the list
n,p Jump to (n)ext or (p)revious page
e When viewing the list, edits currently selected bookmark
v When viewing the list, opens a new tab with the selected bookmark
s When viewing the list, toggles 'star' for selected bookmark
<ESC> Cancels any current action (e.g. search box)