Save it once. Find it always.

It starts with a link.

EveryPost stores links and looks for other articles sharing the same links. It's smart enough to clean up all the messy parts, accounting for tracking parameters, site redirects and canonical URLs.

It's like a reverse-search engine for your bookmarks.

Even better, connect to Mastodon or other services like Feedbin, and EveryPost saves public posts you 'star' or 'favorite'. Search your saved links by description, site name or even author. Tag, organize and browse.

Better Bookmarking

Powerful tools to organize your bookmarks.


Extracts links from Mastodon, RSS, and more.

Track Over Time

90 days backlink history for your saved links.

No Lock-In

Easy import & export of your existing links.

All your links in one place.

Save it with a single click.
Find that link when you need it.

No ads. No junk.

Your data stays private.
Share only what you want.

Find what matters.

EveryPost constantly checks over 1,000 sites for connected links.

Curated Sites,
Quality Content

EveryPost tracks links you bookmark over time.

When a site publishes an article with a shared link, you see the connected article.

Active Sites
Indexed Links
Added Last Week

Your links are checked against the index above.

Your data never leaves our servers unless you choose to share it. I mean… we're not Google.

What can you do with EveryPost?

Follow up on the news

Track important news stories as they develop, long after they are out of your daily RSS feed.

Improve your recall

Save all those meaningful, HBR articles to pass along to others when they need it the most.

Capture links from other tools

Stop scrolling through five sites to find an article someone shared with you weeks ago. Save it once, find it always.

Dig deeper on topics

Bookmark a topic (like a Wikipedia entry) to find & discover discussions on sites you wouldn't think to check.

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